Foundation : Live Questionably Week 6


8:30 AM In-Person Worship 11 AM In-Person or Online Worship

Oct. 17, 2021


As followers of Jesus, we often try to live our lives in such a way that we don’t draw attention to ourselves. I would guess some of that is due to a genuine desire to live humbly. Jesus didn’t seek to draw attention to Himself. As a matter of fact, He would often tell people after He did a miracle not to tell anyone. However, the way Jesus talked and lived was so radical that word traveled rapidly around the known world. We are followers of Jesus in part because word of who He is and what He has done continues to travel.

One of the challenges we face today is the amount of information people have coming at them is far more than it was when Jesus walked the earth. Standing out is more challenging than it has ever been. So how do we live in such a way that people sit up and take notice…maybe even ask the question, “Why?” Maybe, just maybe, if we Live Questionably, it will stand out in our culture enough to give us the opportunity to share the hope we have in Jesus!